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Assault on Cuba (B.C)
Conflict: Revenge of the Scrin (BC)
Date: March 20, 2058
Place: Cuba
Result: Scrin Victory


Cuba Defense





Scrin Invasion Force

Cuban Militia



Over 11,236,444 civilians

The Assault on Cuba (B.C) was the second operation made by the aliens to destroy both South and North Americas in revenge for a devastating defeat during the Third Tiberium War.


The Assault on South America (B.C) on March 4, 2058 was very successful for the Scrin (B.C). Bukah, the gang lord of South America was defeated along with his militia and civil life there was lost in horror. The Overlord decided his very next move which was to shut down the Cuban Defense Force in Cuba and make it go berserk by destroying humanity. Tamp prepared his militia to be the same as Bukah. Sixteen days after the attack on South America, the aliens had started one of the most important battles to control both Cuba and Central America.

The Battle

The Scrin invasion took them to establish some outposts on the island nation as the Stormriders took down any militia belonging to the Cuban Defense Force. The fighting was heavy with Tamp's forces pushing the aliens out to sea, while the Scrin (B.C) pushed them back towards the mainland. The cities within Cuba were captured by the aliens and all bases within Tamp's grip were heavily destroyed with thousands of civilians killed during the fighting were helped by the militia to either run away or fend off the aliens.

The Atlantic Ocean Fleet (B.C) knew this invasion by the aliens would be coming, but their naval forces will not open fire until both Canada and the United States will be attacked by the invasion force later on. Cuban military forces were decimated and Tamp, like Bukah surrendered right in front of the aliens hoping for another key victory.


The Scrin won the battle and heard that the Atlantic Ocean Fleet (B.C) will not be involved in the defense of Cuba. They instead chose to hold off the attack until both Canada and the United States will be attacked by the aliens. The Overlord was proud of this and his next mission was to assault Canada from both sides of the country. One force from the Pacific Ocean and the other from the Atlantic Ocean. The battle is scheduled to take place on April 25, 2058 around the country of Canada.