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Assault on South America
Conflict: Revenge of the Scrin (BC)
Date: March 4, 2058
Place: All over South America
Result: Scrin Victory





Gang lord Bukah


Scrin Invasion Force




Over 385,742,554 Civilian and Militia men

The Assault on South America (B.C) is the first operation where the Scrin (B.C) attempts to destroy the whole of South America by smashing all civil and militias within the entire continent by a full invasion force.


Since their retreat from a Threshold in Italy, the Scrin (B.C) were forced into space by both the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative who have since smashed the aliens within a lot of countries. This was back in the Third Tiberium War where the aliens were involved with invading cities and destroying humanity. The Overlord's first plan was to infect South America with aliens and a gang lord by the name of Bukah had all militias defending the continent as part of his plan to defeat the aliens. The Scrin (B.C) chose to strike on the date of March 4, 2058 which will be a fantastic victory if their forces don't have any heavy casualties to begin with.

The Battle

The gang lord brought thousands of militias to rally in destroying the alien forces. The Scrin (B.C) established a lot of bases within South America and usage of their arsenal proved no match against the human race. The aliens smashed through the continent, killing thousands of civilians and the militia. Bukah was defeated within hours and hours of heavy fighting as the aliens had lighter casualties from all over the entire continent itself.


The fight ended in a Scrin victory with Bukah having to admit defeat. The aliens won the invasion and occupied South America within their grasp. Over 385,742,554 civil and military personnel were killed in the continent's defense that was planned by them throughout the battle. Sixteen days later, the Scrin (B.C) will smash Cuba next and level cities all round them so that the Americans will be alerted to an alien invasion in April 2058.