Genocide's Technoloical Redemption


Near unstoppable regenrating unit of Mass Destruction.


Sheer arms and legs
Super eye lasers
Nano Swarm


Zeronium Armour (super-ultra heavy)

Hit points

Starts low but after regenrating each time is 33% higher than before its past destruction.

Armor type

Zeronium Armour( super-ultra Heavy)



Build time



Genocide HQ

Hot key

shift A

Squad size

none only one can exist after construction

Ground attack

Super laser armanent located in eye sockets, can fire while moving. Arms and legs.

Air attack

Nano swarm attacks aircraft while building itself into a larger force using the aircraft parts as a food source.


High but after each destruction becomes less.

Air speed


Land speed


Sea speed


Attack range

Up front and personal

Sight range

extremely large radius


Answers only to Genocide




Radius of destruction larger than that of the Shogun Excutioner.


Activate Zeronium Armour ( renders aver invurnable while pulling all surrounding forces toward him to smash against his armour and vaporize.

The most Powerful Ultra Heavy walker of Command and Conquer. Over 250 meters high and resembles something between the First Generation avatar and the Second Generation.


After the destruction of the Genocide Complex and the demise of Dr. Genocide, Aver creates the G.C.U.F, (Global Cyber Unification Force). This faction is used throughout his campain to annihlate other factions in an attempt for revenge and attempts to conquer the world through a mass asimulation of Man and Machine.


Aver is ruthless on the battle feild and acts colder than the most heartless of machines and often mutlates the victims bodies even after they have been terminated. off the battle feild Aver can be seen as a more fatherly figure and often will be merciful to those who voluteerely join him. He often rewards those who attempt to save others but, can be quite wrathful in response to death off the battle field( manslaughter). He is also very protective on the lifestyle and value of his forces, on and off the battel field. He often gives logical device to the commander of his forces.

In Cut scenes

In the cut scenes throughout the game you never really get to see beyond the image area of the control center. Aver is always shown in the cut scenes as a holographic image of a more humanized version of himself. Description: tall figure clad in flowing black robes yet his face is remains as a metal skull with the back of its head appearing very brain like. He will inform you of your mission and whenever you need help understanding his forces just hover your mouse key over the holographic receiver and click and hold over a unit and release. He will inform you on all information conserning that unit and its abilities. when hovering it over him he will tell You to send him out and just sit back and watch the destruction that will follow.

"Infinite war, Utter annhilation, more likely!" Aver Anihlating a fortress in 2076.

Future Mods

I do not have a game yet or a mod designed for Aver feel free to use him as long as you make the story follow the storyline so far. He is very much like Kane yet is shown often more fatherly than even Kane to his followers.