"Command & Conquer Tiberium Catastrophe" shows you the ultimate disaster of a C&C Tiberium Dawn. The GDI tries to establish a new base in Germany to attack the incoming Nod forces, but some things get horrible wrong.


The GDI Forces decide to make a base in Germany so they sent a strike force of one MCV, one Medium Tank, one humvee, an Orca and two infantrymen.

The Minigunner told the MCV to deploy but it refused to deploy so the Minigunner told the Grenadier to "shut up asswipe!" and then starts to kick and punch the MCV until it deploys. The deployment of the MCV into a Construction Yard caused the death of the Minigunner and the Grenadier runs off laughing at his death before being run overed by a Humvee who was being chased by two nod Buggys. The Grenadiers death exploded on a Nod Buggy and one of the Buggys was destroyed. The remaining Buggy surrounded the Humvee and was about to kill the Humvee until the Medium Tank killed the Buggy. The Humvee was ordered to "return to base immediately and report to your commander.". As the Humvee returns to base he saw the Base construction was complete and learns that MacGyver came by and help construct the base with a pocket knife and a box of matches. The Engineer told the Humvee driver to exit the vehicle and get going.

The Humvee Driver exits the vehicle as a Minigunner and saw a reinforcement team made up with a force of one Humvee, one MLRS, two Medium Tanks and a Mammoth Tank. A Medium Tank was being shoot at by two light tanks and later gets destroyed by an Obelisk of Light. Three Soldiers were carrying an Obelisk and being escorted by two light tanks came by and was about to destroy the GDI strike team but the Ion Cannon destroyed them all except the Minigunner. The Minigunner said "Whohoo! I win!" until he gets crushed by the Obelisk of Light.

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