Discovery of Tiberia is a DLC pack for The New War. It shows the discovery of Tiberia(Tiberium infested Earth) under seige by Scrin orbital bombardment.


Upon arrival, the scout force hacked the Scrin network and found something interesting, after leaving via the Scrin portal, the Scrin scolded Kane for failing to stop resistance on Earth and gave him one request to help him stop resistance. Kane chose to devolve tiberium to its TWIII state. The Brotherhood was then launched through Threshold 19 with a Scrin force before the Threshold was deactivated. The force has reduced the blue zone area significantly by orbital tiberium bombardment. The force split, one group sneaking into GDI's network and succeded in a diplomatic mission with them while another team did the same at the newly rebuilt Temple Prime. A last team did ship-to-ship communications with a Scrin Mothership and succeded to ally with them. A last team was deployed to assist Forgotten relations. With ties to every faction, the group made a peace treaty between the group, giving Nod land control and interstellar travel abilities, giving GDI interstellar travel and a large area of Blue zones insured to remain blue by massive sonic emitters placed at tactical locations, giving the Scrin a large red zone area to harvest, and giving the Forgotten land and medicines that allow to live to old age instead of a tiberium based death as well as interstellar travel:in addition, all the factions join te growing Alliance of Galactic Forces. Also included in this deal is limited access to the other's military databases which solved the mystery of why were they using TWIII tech instead of TWIV tech; the answer, a military decision that crawlers were too dangerous. They created a viral AI which would delete all data relating to the crawlers, but it went overboard and deleted almost all data related to TWIV military equipped to the point where it is unuseable before it was destroyed.


The DLC adds tiberium gathering as the new resource system, changes several maps, adds several maps, and unlocks GDI,Nod,Scrin,and the Forgotten as playable factions.