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The European Coalition is an intergovernmental military alliance, formed from the western part of the Eurasian Unity League. The European Coalition is the successor of the European Union.



The origins of the EU dated back as early as the 1950s. To prevent another war breaking out on the continent, France and Germany, historically two mortal enemies since the Franco-Prussian War, banded together to form the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951. Since coal and steel were vital commodities to wage war at the time, neither country could face off against each other when their resources were in the hands of an independent authority. The lower counties (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) joined in so as not to be caught in another crossfire between the two European powers.

Formation of the EU

The ECSC has since evolved into the European Economic Community (the EEC) with the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957, with more European countries not under communist regimes joining the group as it grew economically. The signing of the Single European Act in 1986 allowed Europeans in member countries to move freely within the group, and the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 transformed what had solely been an economic group into the European Union with its own political structure and government, autonomous to those of the member states. Eventually it became a monetary union with a single currency, though only a few EU members such as Britain did not adopt the euro. The fall of the Iron Curtain had meant Eastern European countries applying for EU membership and the EU grew bigger to accommodate the former Soviet bloc.

First GLA War

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Initially in 2013, the EU was allied with the United States, which had a major military presence on the continent, such as a naval base in Crete and a Central Command in Stuttgart, Germany. Previously not a target of the Global Liberation Army, the terrorists later struck against Europe and attacked the US bases. Humiliated, the US military retreated back to their homeland and left the EU to virtually be under GLA occupation. China struck back with a nuclear missile after being embarrassed by the GLA's capture of Chinese weapons against American forces. The European Council later made China promise to restrain usage of nuclear weapons in return for liberating Europe from the GLA. When the GLA were finally defeated near Hamburg, the EU and China formed the Eurasian Unity League to replace the US-led NATO.

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Second GLA War

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