Far east

The Soviet invasion of the Far East.


The Soviet invasion of northwestern Europe.


The Soviet thirst for oil is reflected in this map of the Eiddle East invasion.


Soviet agression in southwestern Europe.


The Soviet union gaining access to the Atlantic.

Russian invasion Canada US

A digital rendering of Russia's North American invasion.

Russian invasion South America Mexico

The Soviets and their Latin American allies approach America from the south.

GreatWorld War III is the name commonly given to the Soviet invasion of America. It was a devastating war that cost over 700 million lives worldwide.


After its defeat in Great World War II the Soviet Union launched an all-out invasion of the entire planet! The United States and its allies were the only thing standing in their way. The Soviets first started their global conquest by invading their former communist ally China. Relations between Russia and China were strained over the years, so the first step was to install a pro-Soviet government in China. Western powers largly ignored the Sino-Soviet war because neither of the bellergiants were democratic. Eventually the Soviet Union and Mongolia captured a large part of China, all of the Korean peninsula, Japan, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. The Soviets then launched numerous attacks against the Scandinavian nations of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Finland quickly fell after a concentrated attack from the Russian border. Norway and Sweden later fell to a ground offensive. Yugoslavia also fell under the Soviet Union's jurisdiction, leaving much of Eastern Europe in Soviet hands. The Soviets then headed west and were able to capture the entire continent! The Soviet Union then tried to gain access to the Middle Easts oil supplies. They invaded Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia for their oil rich lands. This cut off the West from their most important fuel source. Later the Soviet Union Captured Canada and the northern United States. At the same time, the Soviets and their Latin American communist allies occupied territory extending throughout Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, parts of Brazil, the Central American countries, the Caribbean islands and much of Mexico in their attempts to approcah America from south of the border. Then the Soviets and their allies attacked America from all directions. America was unable to hold out and was quickly overrun.


The massive Soviet 6th Fleet invades New York.


Soviet bombers moments before New York city was obliterated.


The Soviets eventually surrendered mainly due to the fact that the people they conquered resisted their occupation. Resistance was so heavy that they lost control of entire countries! After the Soviets' surrender the world gradually returned to normal..or did it?