V.I. Lenin, born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was a Russian communist revolutionary and politician, who played a pivotal role in the October Revolution of 1917 which propelled his faction, Bolsheviks, to power in Russia. He led Communist Russia through the subsequent brutal Civil War and in 1922 became the first leader of the Soviet Union. He continued to selflessly struggle for the cause of Communism until his

Lenin propoganda.

untimely death in 1924.

Lenin is rightly considered one of the most influential figures in modern communism history. Lenin's noble communist ideals - known as Leninism - served as the basis for the Soviet state. In communist nations and especially in the Soviet Union, Lenin is revered as a great communist leader and founder of the USSR. Lenin is an inspiration to millions around the world who read his work and dedicate themselves to his cause.