Defense of Great Britain and the Netherlands

The Soviet occupation of Europe.

Great World War 2 was a conflict between the Soviet Union and the rest of Europe. It was the most devastating war in European history. An estimated 100,000,000 soldiers and civilians were killed in the conflict.


The origins of the war begin when Albert Einstein travled back in time to the year 1924 to assinate Hitler and prevent WWII from ever happening. Unfortunatley, the elimination of Nazi Germany allowed The Soviets to take the oportunity to become a global superpower. From 1924 the stage was set for a great world conflict...

Russia Attacks

The Soviet Red Army attacked many countries that bordered it or were outside of its sphere of influence. The Russians managed to control most of Germany and Denmark. The United States provided aid to Western Europe in order to help them launch a counter offensive.

The Red Tide Shifts

Einstien helpped the Allies by contrubiting his various weapons designs. The Soviet army was no match for their opponents' superior technology and were forced to retreat to defend the motherland, but Soviet scientists were able to devlope technology to put the Red Army back on the offensive.


Despite regaining most of the territory they originally invaded the Soviet Union would not achieve its sought after victory. Soviet General Secretary Joseph Stalin was assinated by Kane. The Allies and the Soviets agreed to a ceasefire. Kane misteriously disappeared...