Revenge of the Scrin (B.C)
Begin: 2058
End: 2062
Place: Earth, Sol System, Milky way
Result: Humanity's Population Decimated


United Nations Earth Defense



World President Malord


All ground, air and sea forces

All Human Military Units



99.9% Dead wounded or Missing

The Revenge of the Scrin (BC) is a war between the Scrin (B.C) and the United Nations' armed forces. The aliens' plan was to assault the targets of South America, Cuba, Canada and the United States of America to claim large staging areas for their outposts and military bases to defeat the measures of human homeland security.



With the UN forces and homeland securities destroyed, there was nothing they can do to prevent the Scrin (B.C) from winning their opportunities. Bukah, Tamp, Lorn and Reg tried their best to help Malord win his fortune in breaking the Scrin's heart, but it was no good. Both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean fleets were damaged, even all of the United Nations army were decimated. The Scrin (B.C) took Earth in 2062 after four years of fighting and occupied everything in its tracks. It was very heavy for the aliens to have that much casualty since the start had lighter casualties across four targets before heading out to the solar system and the Milky way for the heavy fighting to continue in this way of life.


UN Military

UN Navy:

UN Army:

  • 1st Rangers Division - 45,000 Troops in Service
  • 2nd Special forces Division - 50,000 Troops in Service
  • 3rd Airborne Division - 60,000 Troops in Service
  • 4th Heavy Division - 72,000 Troops in Service