Ok, GDI is part of the UN? -Allied Spy
The United Rescue is the time where the Allies ally with GDI.


Act I: Finding Info

The Allies see that the Soviets are back for more action, but the Union has just united with the Empire so they can finally destroy the confounded Allies, and then destroy each other if they have betrayed the truce. The Allies send a squad of spies, if there they can get some info. While at the fictional UN HQ located nearly in their base, but outside Base 12 (Yeah, it is fictional). Some spies stumble upon info of GDI from 2nd Tiberium War. The spies also find out about TTWIII, the EVA sends info to the Allied database upon wireless connection, it is now telling there is an abandoned GDI base with ore nodes in Alaska, so the Allies send a strike force.

Act II: The Return Of The Brotherhood

Now, we are switching to what the two sinister sides have been doing: While in Greenland the Soviets have sent a strike force containing a MCV and some Terror Drones. There are some Nod Scorpions and some Avatar Warmechs guarding the land, the Drones have managed to turn them to nothing but rubble, so the MCV deploys into the land, 5 minutes later they have managed to create a tier 2 base, and then they expand. The Empire tells the unamed commander that they are dispatching Sky Wings to a Nod Base, but destroyed. So the commander attacks at the land, since everybody knows that the Soviet are good at attack at the surface, so they managed to nearly destroy the base, then the Nod commander comes in and sends in a message, which says that since the Union and the Empire are attacking them, and that Kane trusts the power, and they make the two sides join, and they join. And they think nothing is going to stop them, but they are wrong.

Act III: Finding GDI

The Allies have sent an elite team to try to remove Nod resistance in the area, the brotherhood is heavily armed, but thanks to a proton collider, it has been destroyed and the terrain is finally clear. The Allies have sent a group of Harbingers to destroy all bases.

Act IV: A GDI Has Been Detcted

Now that the Brotherhood's presence is gone they use engineers to capture the bases. Redmond Boyle arrives with Zone Troopers, but thanks to Cyro Leigonnaires, Boyle surrenders. The Allied Commander argues that he saved this base life, so they agree to fight their confounded opponents each other.